Dunlin (nee Red Coyote) songs now on YouTube

To date, three new songs are on YouTube.  I’ll see if I can link directly to them below.  Meanwhile, just search for ‘Dunlin’ and ignore videos with pictures of birds.






7 responses to “Dunlin (nee Red Coyote) songs now on YouTube

  1. What the heck is going on? Nothing for over a year, then a whole pile of new posts totally unannounced.

    I blame Gordon Brown.

  2. The announcement was to follow soon, once I’d got a link up to my website once its online – or atr least got rid of the dead links on the blogroll. That’s quite spooky you finding this stuff today when I’ve only just posted it. Or have you been checking in every day for the last year like very a sad git indeed?

  3. Haven’t you heard of RSS? I subscribed to your feed yonks ago, and suddenly up pop four new posts.

  4. Er, no I haven’t heard of RSS, but I can guess what it does, and knew that sort of thing could be done. So you can expect much more up-popping as of now.

  5. Incidentally, you should be able to embed your YouTube videos on your website fairly easily (i.e. rather than giving links).

    e.g. Like this:

  6. (Ignore that last one – it didn’t work. Will email you instructions instead.)

  7. YouTube give you the embedding code for each video, but when I tried pasting it in the above post all that appeared was the html.

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