Glen Lampshade – a star is born

At least since the passing of the sainted Sir Lyttleton, there has been precious little on the radio that could make me laugh out loud – especially those brain-witheringly awful new comedy series they keep trying out on Radio 4 – most recently a pathetically unfunny shitcom set in Bletchley Park during WWII and often dubious taste…

However, whilst humming along to Radcliffe and Maconie t’other night, a caller called in (as callers are wont) to take part in the nightly ‘Chain’ feature, where the task is simply to suggest a track to be played that is thematically linked to the previous tune in the series. On this occasion it was a gentleman called Glen Lampshade, and his two or three minutes on air apparently had the switchboards in inboxes jammed in Rough-hewn and Twinky-land with appreciative comments from listeners. I know he had me in stitches.

His contribution is now on Youtube at:

Trouble is, if you missed it as it occurred live, it will probably seem less funny; what made it memorable was the sense that Mr Lampshade was a bit of a loose canon, liable to say pretty-well anything. At a couple of points, you could just imagine the producers crapping themselves, the first when he says ‘I have kllled before’, in a deadpan voice; the second where, when asked what his link in the chain was going to be, he says (in a broad Brummie voice) something like, ‘Nah, I’m not going to tell you…’ – you could even sense Radcliffe and Maconie were a wee bit twitchy, in spite of the general mirth.


3 responses to “Glen Lampshade – a star is born

  1. Oooh! An embedded video!

    (Very funny, by the way.)

  2. You site very good and interesting . Thanks and sory

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