Dunlin Erie Canal video on YouTube

Thanks to the modern miracle of pipe-cleaner and clay technology, we have done a new animated video. It’s not even one of our own compositions, but the Springsteen/Seeger Sessions association might attract more viewers than we have hitherto achieved for our original tunes. (We have yet to receive one lousy comment, yet, let alone a star rating…. sigh…)


5 responses to “Dunlin Erie Canal video on YouTube

  1. .. . here is a comment then! your video made me smile. by coincidence, i just got an animation program (frame thief)– keep up the good work

  2. Many thanks, Mr or Mrs dumbworldorder (cool name). Appreciated. I’ve not heard of frame thief, but anything sounds interesting compared to just using a scanner which is currently the limits of my technical wizard kit.

  3. i for one am still enjoying the video/song – and to think that my name is buried in those layers of horse!

  4. oops – sorry i called yer dear mule sal a horse…

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