Clean soap – whatever next?

So I just bought this ‘Carex Aloe Vera protecting antibacterial handwash’ from Morrisons, and looked at the back for its ingredients etc. and was encouraged to see a column of check-boxes that had all been ticked.  Yippee, it was surely gonna be some sort of organic, vegan, fair-trade eco-whatnot that I could take home, my conscience pure as a clean shirt on Sunday…

Tick One: ‘Dermatalogically tested’  [on animals?][did it pass the test?]
Tick Two: ‘Non-drying formulation’ [meaning what – oily hands?]
Tick three: ‘Contains a unique blend of moisturisers’ [imagine the horror of applying a blend that was identical to someone else’s]
Tick Four – get this: ‘Hygienically clean’


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