A curious fandango fact…

A few years back, Radio 2 conducted one of those listener polls to find the 100 best ever pop singles.  The overall winner was Procol Harum’s Whiter Shade of Pale, with Bohemian Rhapsody close behind.  No big surprises there, but here’s a couple of interesting links between the two.  First, both have unfathomable (and probably nonsense) lyrics; this in itself is unusual in any hit record.  More remarkable is the fact that both include the word ‘fandango’. 

The immortal words of Reid/Brooker: ‘We skipped a light fandango…’
Those of Mr Mercury et al: ‘Mama Mia, will you do the the fandango…?’

So there you have it.  Or not quite – for there is more intriguing evidence:

Roxy Music’s opening track of their no. 1 album, ‘For Your Pleasure’, entitled ‘Do the Strand’, and similarly eliptic,  includes the lyric: ‘Fed up with fandango…?’

In fact I have never heard a ‘fandango’ song that made sense or failed to top a music chart.


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